Sailing in Cyprus for the British Forces

The aim of the Episkopi Services Sailing Club (ESSC) is to promote the efficiency and well-being of service personnel and their families.

We as a club achieve this through the provision of RYA Accredited Sailing and Powerboating as well as social activities.

The ESSC clubhouse is located on the beautiful tunnel beach within Happy Valley and is part of the Episkopi Garrison in Cyprus, so come along any Saturday afternoon and see what we do.

As a club ESSC can offer so much to allow service personal and their families to unwind in the sun. If you are new to the sport then we have RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Accredited Dinghy courses. We will take you from knowing nothing to being able to take our club boats out alone or with family.

For those that feel they need an engine other than the wind we also run RYA Accredited Powerboat courses. These will teach you all the skills you need to get you on the water around the world. This said the water sports in Cyprus are worth trying as they are some of the best… more about ESSC

ESSC History

The Episkopi Service Sailing Club (ESSC) formerly the Inter Services Yacht Club (ISYC) was originally formed in Fayid on the Suez Canal before the second world war. Snipes and Fireflies were the order of the day for the 70 members.

When the Canal Zone was evacuated in 1955 arrangements were made for the move to Episkopi in Cyprus. At this time a committee meeting was held, where it was decided that unless the new club in Cyprus was also named ISYC, then the club assets should be disposed of locally, rather than transferred to Cyprus. The name that we carried until 2007.

Accordingly the Fireflies and assets were transferred to Cyprus but the Snipes were sold off locally being considered too old to warrant transfer.

In September 1956 the first 2 Albacores were purchased and thus started a 35 year love affair with the class. The Albacores were an extremely popular class which was built up to a fleet of 12, all wooden hulled until late 1972 when 5 very tired wooden hulls were replaced with GRP hulls.

In march of 1958 the RAFYC and USSC decided to merge with the ISYC and… Learn more