About ESSC

What does ESSC offer

ESSC can offer so much; it does depend on what you from your off time whilst in the sun. The Clubhouse is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. As a club our racing days are Wednesdays and Saturdays where we would normally get two or three races in. Other activities we run are ‘grab an instructor afternoons’, family days, social sailing, children’s boatmanship, evening sails, social picnic sailing. We will give all the help you need to enjoy ‘on the water’ activities as well as offering RYA Sailing and Power Boating Courses if you are still a beginner. There is the club bar and patio area, where you can just sit and enjoying the sun, sea and watching others messing about on the water as you take coffee, cocktails or a light snack.


Sailing in our waters you will find yourself pitting your skills against the elements as well as other sailors.  We will offer you help and advice to improve your skills, the Mediterranean is not as benign as most think.

Sailed before then the sport continues within our club racing or enjoying the fun sailing within our organised safety systems.


ESSC’s training of new sailors but also the refreshing of skills for those that have not sailed for a while. Improving you as a sailor and enhancing your skills will therefore your fun is one of our main aims. We are an accredited RYA training establishment running courses for both Sailing and Power Boating. Whether you are a beginner or just want to get back out on the water we will be pleased to get you on the water. Learn more with ESSC


You would be hard pushed to find a better all round sailing area than Tunnel Beach. Episkopi Bay offers both the most wonderfully tranquil and calm waters to the challenging and wild. The water itself is Mediterranean clear and warm enough to entice almost anyone in. Two years sailing in Cyprus can equate to 3 or 4 years UK sailing with the differences in wave conditions. Don’t forget you can be out on the water two or three times a week.

Power Boating

Principally the Power Boating at ESSC is to support the sailing element of the club whether it be Training, Racing or Social Sailing. However as an Affiliated RYA Powerboat Training Centre we therefore provide basic RYA Level 2 courses as well as Safety Boat Courses in accordance to the RYA Guidelines after which successful students will be awarded the Safety Cox Certificate meaning they will take charge of the Safety Boat and its crew and provide the safety cover for those who are sailing.

Social side

As all sailing clubs ESSC is predominantly here for the sailing however this is supported by a healthy social side within the Club Room area where you will normally find the plenty of help with the debrief of the days sailing as well as the odd sea story over a warming mug of tea and cake or just a relaxing glass of your tipple. The ESSC social team hold regular functions for the club ranging from barbecues to full sit down meals all of which capture the fun side of life.

Comparative Costs

You may be aware that sailing clubs in UK civilian life are rather an expensive affair with membership fees in the hundreds of pounds, on top of that you invariably have to own your own boat (minimum cost £4,000).

At ESSC all you need supply is yourself, enthusiasm and come winter some basic Sailing Clothing to keep you warm and dry.

How can we possibly offer you such a wonderful deal at such reasonable prices?

Principally we benefit from grants from the Nuffield Trust, but to get these we have to be able to provide a percentage of the money we require. We achieve this by being a self-help organisation, i.e. we save money by doing as many building and boat repairs as we possibly can ourselves. Additionally all of our Instructors, Officers of the Day and Safety Crews, are unpaid and give their time voluntarily.

So if you join us it would be good to think you would be willing to lend a hand. A small price to ask for access to the wonderful facilities we can offer you at Episkopi Services Sailing Club…